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Telpico selling 50% interest in high potential LLA42 Block
In 2014, Telpico acquired a 207 km2 3D to evaluate, not only the structural, but the stratigraphic potential of the area.  In this regard, the processing has included amplitude analysis...
LLA 42 Block

Telpico completed 206 sqkm 3D acquisition and are currently in the interpretation phase in the LLA 42 block.

3D Acquisition Complete

Telpico Completed 158 sqkm 3D acquisition and processing in the VSM 22 block.  

Colombia Activity

Telpico is currently operating three blocks: LLA42, VSM 3 and VSM 22. Seismic acquisition is planned for VSM 3 and has been completed in VSM 22 and LLA 42. We plan to drill exploratory wells over both of our acquired surveys.

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